Eva & Omar’s Wedding

Eva & Omar’s Wedding

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Eva & Omar’s Wedding

Eva is the best friend of my second ever bridal client. It just prooves, word of mouth really works! Do a good job and more jobs will come to you naturally.

Booking for herself and her large bridal party for both hair and makeup, meant I had to begin the quest of finding a talented hair stylist who could work alongside me. I simply couldn’t do this booking alone, not in a reasonable time frame anyway…

I turned to the Blanche Macdonald job posting board to find a reliable business partner. I found only a few stylists and met with only one. Caitanna Hoffart. I could tell just from her email that she was a bright, friendly, dedicated person, just like myself. I met with her coffee and she showed me her portfolio. She was organised! That ticked one of my many boxes of approvement. She made notes. Another tick! She smiled. She spoke. Tick, tick! I had to have her…

Our first booking together was the big one! An 8am start and a 1pm finish. 7 ladies. A bride, a mother-of-the-bride and 5 bridesmaids. Wowie this was going to be a fun morning! Champagne please?

It was all eyes on Eva today! We went for a not entirely unison, but all natural look for our bridesmaids, keeping the drama and focus on our beautiful bride. With a classic french twist and netting to cover her face, her entrance was set to be a big one!

For the makeup, a beautiful gold, cream based eye shadow was paired with perfectly shaped eye brows and a flawless, winged eye liner. A plum lip gloss finished our day look, ready to be transformed into a dramatic red lip for the evening.

Eva and her entourage look stunning in front of this perfect view of Vancouver. The ocean and the city combined. I wish Eva and Omar the best of luck in the married life. Heres to a happy ending.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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