**Exciting News!!!**

**Exciting News!!!**

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We are beyond excited to tell you all some amazing news!!

We have been scouted to be the makeup and hair vendor for RAW Vancouver on Jan 8th 2015!!!

 Team members, Faye, Kym, Joanna, Candice and Lucy will be working hard all day and night to create some outstanding hair and makeup designs on models for a runway and full evening show case.

Tickets for this amazing event are only $15, Five Sixty nightclub is the venue and it starts at 7pm and we would love for you all to be there!

Check out our info page on the RAW Vancouver Website Here!

Our RAW Directors hand-pick and spotlight local artistic talent in film, fashion, music, visual art, hair & makeup artistry, and performance art. With artists from all genres in each showcase, RAW events come together to form an amazing one-night circus of creativity. These showcases occur once a month in each city location. Our RAW season runs from February-October and comes to an extravagant end with our indie arts awards show RAWards in Hollywood.”
RAW Vancouver Website

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

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