Fashion Collaboration

Fashion Collaboration

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Fashion Collaboration


I haven’t been able to successfully organize a collaboration shoot in so long! Something always gets in the way; a change in someone’s schedule, someone falls ill, someone books an amazing gig they cant say no to and has to cancel, whatever the reason, something always seems to get in the way. I was determined to ensure smooth running of this shoot with myself, Brandon Hart Photography, Florence Leung Styling and Lucia and Megan B from Numa Models.


Although we had planned the shoot date and concept well over a month in advance, we really didn’t get organized until a few days leading up to the shoot. We went on a frantic model search very last minute. I knew I could count on contacting Daniel Spicer from Numa Models to help me with that. He sent me a website with a “list” of models for me to choose from, including images of each of them. This was great!


I asked for measurements from our models, Lucia (brunette) and Megan B (red head) and sent them off to Florence, our stylist. Florence was then able to go on her tough task of finding Fall 2012 clothing for a shoot taking place in July 2012. This…is surprisingly difficult when the local clothing stores are retailing their Summer 2012 collections. Nevertheless, Florence made it work!


Only a day or two before the shoot, I realized that I was planning to execute two creative hair and make up looks in too short of a time frame. I needed assistants to help me with this. I called on Blanche Macdonald makeup students, Danielle Anderson and Monica Bishop. How do I know these girls? Well it all began earlier this year when I was contacted by Danielle, asking for an interview with me as part of her school assignment. Her friend and partner in crime, Monica, were to come along to interview me as well. I adored these girls! Fabulous listener, great speakers and very motivated individuals. They reminded me of myself in school. I knew I would stay in touch with them simply from my first impression that they will become talented and successful artists.


A few weeks after meeting the girls, I was assigned key makeup and hair artist of the Regency Lexus VIP Event Fashion Show. My company, Faye Smith Makeup & Hair, were to sponsor the hair and makeup for this event. I called on many of my co-workers to help me with the task of styling hair and makeup for 9 models, as well as doing a 2 minute hair and makeup look change part way through the show. The look change were to be the big task for us! 2 minutes is near impossible to achieve what I had planned =S I wanted to get Danielle and Monica involved in this experience, so I called them and they were thrilled to be involved.


The girls performed amazingly. Well above my expectations. They arrived early (like I do with every gig I do), they wore all black (I had not request any uniform but they chose to dress professionally anyway), their makeup was beautiful and they helped other artists when they were in a time of need. I was so impressed! When it came to thinking of assistants for this shoot, they sprung straight to my mind and I had my fingers crossed that they would be available to help.


The girls put rollers sets in hair for me, curled hair for me, and applied false lashes for me. This was such a huge help! I was able to take the time to produce amazing pieces of work. Both Megan and Lucia’s hair and makeup turned out exactly how I had wanted. Now the girls were ready…it was time to head over to Queen Elizabeth Park where we would get eaten alive by bugs, whilst producing some amazing photographs.

Thank you to everyone on the team! I adore the outcome of all our hard work.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

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