Our Favorite Halloween Looks

Our Favorite Halloween Looks

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With Halloween being only a couple days away, we decided it was time to share some of our favorite halloween looks, with our lovely followers!

Halloween gives everybody a chance to transform into something scary, sweet, disgusting or gory, and the looks below are some of our favorites by other makeup artists all over the world.


The clown makeup, and “little red rotting hood” was done by beauty guru Nicole Guerriero on Youtube. She has a ton more tutorials and they are amazing!


I. Can’t. Even!!!
We found this creepy masquerade mask months ago and absolutely love it! Completely different twist on the normal masquerade look. This amazingly talented makeup artist, Sandra Holmbom from Sweden nailed this look!


This is another amazing Makeup!! Such a creepy zombie pumpkin look, complete twist on the cute pumpkin you send your kids out as on Halloween. This transformation was done by Albuquergue, United States artist Jordan Hanz


Let it go, Let it gooooo!! This is such a great look for any mom taking her young girls out on Halloween, i’m sure they all admire Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

Of course, we had to share a couple of Kandee Johnson‘s transformations. Kandee is a makeup artist/wonderwomen living in the states, and her makeup looks and transformations are amazing!


Another amazing transformation by Kandee turning herself into Elfie Trinket from the Hunger Games.

Now that we’ve shared a ton of our favorite looks, why not book an appointment with Faye Smith Makeup & Hair to make sure you have the best costume at every Halloween event you are attending this year!

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