Faye Smith "beautifies" Reiko from Real Housewives of Vancouver

Faye Smith "beautifies" Reiko from Real Housewives of Vancouver

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Faye Smith “beautifies” Reiko from Real Housewives of Vancouver


I was thrilled to hear from Carolynne Palla from Kerrisdale Insider Magazine, requesting my hair and makeup services for a photo shoot with Sandra Steier Photography, and Reiko Mackenzie from Real Housewives of Vancouver.


I had previously worked with other Housewive stars, Jody and Mia Claman, in 2011, when styling hair and makeup for their fashion show at Glass House in West Vancouver. This fashion show was recently aired in an episode of Real Housewives of Vancouver. I was excited to hear from fans who had spotted me on the show.


I thought this was such a wonderful coincidence that I was working with another of the Housewive stars. This was very exciting for me! I was actually a little nervous to meet Reiko. She is famous, after all! I am styling hair and makeup for a famous person! That’s nuts!


I arrive at Reiko’s beautiful home where I had the opportunity to  meet her two lovely daughters, her mother, her husband, and her 7 month old puppy. A very large and playful puppy! I believe he was named, Bear! What a great name!


It was so easy styling makeup and hair for Reiko and her two little girls. They are all so beautiful anyway! I had a wonderful time with them, giggling and playing. Reiko even said I was her favourite stylist so far… ;-P that is always nice to hear from someone who has their hair and makeup done all the time by many different artists! Even if she was just saying it to make me feel good…that compliment made me feel great!


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick around for the shoot, so I left Reiko with a lipgloss and some blotting papers to keep herself looking perfect after I was gone.  


Sandra Steier always takes great photographs, but I have to say, these ones are my favourite! I have worked with Sandra for years now, mostly doing headshot photo shoots, as well as some previous shoots for Kerrisdale Insider Magazine and Dunbar Life Magazine. It is always wonderful to work with such a down to earth, humble, kind photographer. I certainly have a special connection with this lovely lady! I can’t wait for more shoots!


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