Faye Smith Makeup & Hair and Butter Studios Photography Weddings

Faye Smith Makeup & Hair and Butter Studios Photography Weddings

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The pictures you see in this email are from a Chinese wedding I styled hair and makeup for during last year’s bridal season (2012). I absolutely love how Butter Studios captured every moment of the day with these beautiful images.


Kim was such a wonderful bride to work with and I absolutely love that she loved makeup! Most of my brides request natural, natural, as natural as possible, but Kim was wanting and willing to have a little drama in her eyes. Drama is always fun for an artist ;-P


Thank you to members of my beauty team, Alysia, Mary and Victoria for coming along with me to  begin hair and makeup at 4am so we could have these ladies ready by 7am. Waking up that early is always tough but somebody has got to do it right? =P


The moment Kim told me she was doing a lion dance, we decided she would have an evening hair and makeup look change. She were to be swinging her head around during this dance and I simply could not risk her hair coming loose and me not being there to put it back into place. I have never had an updo fall out on me, but I really don’t know if it could stand a tornado if you know what I mean.


Congratulations Kim! I hope you have enjoyed your first year of married life. You look so amazing in these images.






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