Faye Smith Makeup & Hair Artist of the Day

Faye Smith Makeup & Hair Artist of the Day

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Today I am featuring one of the most amazing swinging artists on the team, Mary. Swinging meaning she styles both hair and makeup, like me =] FayeSmith_MaryImm

It is so hard to find artists who are strong in both hair and makeup like myself. I have very few stylists of this type on my team and every one of them holds an exceptional talent and are a huge asset to Faye Smith Makeup & Hair Group.


Mary was able to work exclusively with beautiful bride, Willa, on her wedding day last year, acting as her personal stylist for all things beauty.


Willa wore a soft makeup and romantic up-do during the first portion of her wedding. For the evening, Mary transformed her into a sexier look with big, bouncing curls and dark seductive makeup.


Will Pursell, a wedding photographer who I regularly bump into on weddings gigs, was there to capture these amazing images. A helicopter! That’s pretty cool.


To book Mary to style your hair and makeup on your wedding day, just call or email us =] Details below.


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