Promotional Pictures for Costume Designer, NINA HINTON!

Promotional Pictures for Costume Designer, NINA HINTON!

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Promotional Pictures for Costume Designer, NINA HINTON!!!

With photographer, Nicole Brown and models, Ingrid, Sarah and Nina

I met Nina Hinton by complete coincidence when I was researching one day, sending emails to people who may be able help me on my quest to make a success of my career as a makeup and hair artist. I was contacting Nina in relation to Theatre Teriffic and it just so happened that she was planning a photo shoot for her own costume/clothing line. I had sent her some shots of my work and she felt it were fait that I had contacted her and we were soon meeting for tea and a chat. In no time we had planned our day trip to Victoria Island and were ready to shoot all of her amazing costumes.


Nina gave me complete freedom when it came to the makeup and hair designs and told me to go as crazy as I could. So I didnt hold back. Having three completely different models allowed me to create a range of looks of look from cute and innocent to insane, lunatic to wild, russian dancer. The day was really fun and everybody involved were an absolute pleasure to work with and the outcome of the shoot is something for us all to be very proud of. I would be delighted to work with any of these wonderful ladies again and am actually hoping to work with photographer, Nicole Brown again this weekend on a photo shoot based in Vancouver this time.




I look forward to seeing Nina’s choice of images to use on her website to promote her amazing costumes. When coming to pick the images I will be using I simply could not choose. To see more of the images. Please refer to my facebook.
Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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