Faye Smith Styles Makeup & Hair For The Red Carpet

Faye Smith Styles Makeup & Hair For The Red Carpet

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It is always a great feeling knowing you made someone’s day, or you rescued them in their time of need. When I got a call from Michael Gordan, the owner of Luxe Yaletown, I was more than happy to help in the situation he told me of.


Michael is one of the many sponsors of media personality, actor and producer, Mandy Ross. Mandy was to walk the red carpet for the launch of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, in less than 24 hours, and her makeup and hair artists cancelled on her. You can imagine how she was panicking at this point…a girl needs to look stunning while interviewing celebrities!


I had limited time availability to offer Mandy, but knowing how well my applications last, gave me confidence in ensuring her that the time I had open would work. Mandy was so thankful and kind to me on the phone, it made me feel really good that I was able to step in at the last minute, and I was really excited to meet her.


Mandy likes the Kim Kardashian look; dark and smoky eyes, with a ton of highlight and contouring, with her hair in big, bouncy curls. Mandy has gorgeous green eyes, that I was able to pop with certain colour shades. She looked so gorgeous and glamorous by the time she left my studio.


I look forward to meeting with Mandy again in the near future.

Faye Smith
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