Faye’s Favorite Joico Products!

Faye’s Favorite Joico Products!

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Being able to share your favorite products with your clients is something we are so thrilled to be able to do, and have available for purchase!

One of Faye’s favorite “special” finshing sprays, is the Joico Gold Dust Shimmer Finishing Spray.
(shown above and available through Faye for $8!)

This spray adds just the right amount of gold shimmer to your hair which is fun for special occasions to go with fancy outfits, parties, and different festivities. It comes in a small can and is inexpensive so it’s not a massive commitment to a specific hair product.

“We think everyone could use a little sparkle in their life: The light-reflecting particles in our dazzling new shimmer spray, add an alluring glow to any hairstyle, along with light hold and a lusciously fresh scent. It’s the ultimate special-occasional styling treat; but we think it will put a twinkle in your eye (and hair!) any day of the week.” – Joico Website

Another fav is the Joico Power Spray 8-10 Fast Dry Finishing Spray


This finishing spray is amazing! It protects all types of hair from any heat styling and can last upto 3 days!!
(again, available for purchase through Faye for $17)
**Seeing as it is October, breast cancer awareness month, by buying this spray, you are helping to donate to breast cancer research/awareness.**

..and last but not least, another favorite is the Joico Structure Force Firm Hold Finishing Spray!


Ladies and gentlemen, this is Faye’s absolute favorite and secret! This product holds any hairstyle from updo’s to those beautiful curls! If this is not already a staple in your hair care routine, contact Faye to get your bottle now for only $18!

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