Faye’s Favorites.. Brush Edition (part one.)

Faye’s Favorites.. Brush Edition (part one.)

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We are back up and running, and hope you all are enjoying our fantastic new website!
Since Faye is sharing all her top products will all our lovely followers, we figured she should share her favorite makeup tools as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce you to the oh so fabulous, Beauty Blender.

Yes.. it is a sponge, but this sponge is absolutely life changing!
Most drugstore latex sponges soak up about 50% of the product (yes, that expensive foundation you bought, well your only really using half the bottle.. not worth it!)

 The Beauty Blender is a non-latex egg shaped sponge, that is meant to be used wet. Once the sponge is wet, it doubles in size, and applies your foundation and  concealer flawlessly.

When applying any product using the Beauty Blender, it’s a good idea to dab the product on your face, and not rub the sponge against your skin, as it will just push the product around.

Now.. another great thing.. The creators of the original Beauty Blender have recently come out with MINI Beauty Blenders. They are earbud size beauty blenders, which again, are to be used wet and aimed to apply product to those hard to reach areas.

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The Beauty Blender also has a solid cleanser available for sale, but is quite pricey.. a little secret.. if you use baby shampoo to clean the beauty blender it works like a charm!

**Both these products are available for purchase directly through Faye. The regular Beauty Blender retails for $26, while the duo retails for $24.**

Stay tuned for a comparison of the Beauty Blender versus other makeup company sponges!

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