Faye’s Favorites… Makeup Brush Edition

Faye’s Favorites… Makeup Brush Edition

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You have already seen the blogs on some of Faye’s favorite products, now it is time to see Faye’s favorite brushes!

Working as a makeup artist, you come across the good, and the bad.
(In brushes…)

Check out all of Faye’s favorite brushes below!


The above brush, the Lash Fan brush is by far, one of her favorites – and is available at Faye’s studio for $10!
This brush is great for lower lashes, it applies product without staining the skin, and blends natural lashes with false lashes flawlessly! This brush is a must have, and is also great for asian eyes.


Everybody needs a brush like this… no seriously, every woman who has eyeshadow, needs this brush in her life.
This is the oh so fabulous Blending Brush.
Ladies (and men) the trick to achieving a stunning eye look, is to blend, blend, blend!!  This brush is also great for blending out concealer, as well as buffing powder into those hard to reach areas.
This specific brush is a dupe for the MAC 217 Blending brush, and we have our’s available for $15 through Faye!
($10 cheaper than the MAC Brush!!)


Another favorite for Faye is the Liner Brush. This brush can be used with another favorite of ours, the Evelyn Iona Gel Liner. (Stay tuned to a blog on this fantastic liner soon!)
As we’ve mentioned with the above two – this brush is available through Faye for $9.50!


Last but certainly not least, is our Angled Brow Brush. This is a great brush for also applying gel liner, applying products to your lower lash line, as well as blending out products, and lastly – a great product for appling brow pomade or gel to your brows.
This brush is also available through Faye for $9.50!


If you’re a beginner makeup gal, or a professional in the industry – these brushes are perfect! Contact Faye to get your hands on these brushes before they sell out.
(We do have sone more favorites, so stay tuned for more brushes!)

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose

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