Faye’s Halloween Seminar Ft. Candice J.

Faye’s Halloween Seminar Ft. Candice J.

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If you didn’t attend this Halloween makeup seminar put on by Faye Smith Makeup & Hair, you definitely missed out!
This amazing seminar was held last night at the amenities room at Faye Smith Makeup & Hair, and put on by the one and only, Faye Smith.

We had Candice J – an artist from our beauty team, teach a group of wonderful ladies which products to use, how products can be mixed, how to layer products, and how to make each look last all night (very important for all those halloween parties this year!)

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With Halloween coming up quickly, our team is jam packed with some wicked halloween makeups! We know it’s important to be prepared for Halloween, and as wedding and special event artists, this seminar was a great opportunity for every artist to brush up on their skills and product knowledge before the busy weekend hits, to make sure all the clients can get the best service possible!

Above is Faye getting transformed…

…. and done! How amazing is this!?

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To see all of the Halloween looks applied this Halloween by our team, follow Faye on Instagram as well as live feeds on Periscope! Check out the links below..
Faye’s Instagram
Faye’s Periscope

** Remember, our spots are almost filled up completely! Contact us ASAP to book your spot now!**

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