Faye’s secret to perfect skin..

Faye’s secret to perfect skin..

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We have the secret to what every single woman wants – perfect skin.
Follow Faye’s exact steps below to get healthy, glowing, flawless skin!

AM Routine
1. Rinse face with water and dab dry.
2. Apply 4 Pumps of Optimera Day Cream to face neck, decolletage and back of hands.
3. Emulsify one drop of water with a dime size amount of Eminence Organics Tropical Vanilla Sunscreen and apply to face, neck and decolletage.


PM Routine
1. Use Eminence Eye Make Up Remover on a cotton pad to gently remove eye makeup.
2. Dampen face.
3. Use one pump of any Eminence Organics Cleansers (Faye likes the milk ones) and apply to face using circular motions. Do this for a few moments before rinsing your face.
4. Repeat Step 3 but don’t rinse face.
5. Remove cleanser with a warm, damp towel (be gentle).
6. Emulsify 4 pumps of Optimera Night Cream with one drop of water and apply to face, neck, decollate and back of hands (apply under eyes to).


Photo Courtesy of Eminence Website.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose

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