Featured on Artis Makeup!

Featured on Artis Makeup!

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What an honor to be featured on Artis Makeup!

“Artis is from the Latin word for: “skill, method, technique, conduct, character.”  

Born from the realization that makeup brushes have never evolved from the watercolour paintbrushes they copy, Artis is dedicated to the creation of the modern cosmetic and makeup brush. Through inventing new methods, materials and designs, Artis enhances the application of cosmetic and makeup products. The Artis mission is to become a premier designer, manufacturer and multi-channel retailer supplier of Artis beauty tools and products worldwide. Artis aspires to define a global standard for efficient, ethical and aesthetically beautiful makeup brushes, beauty products, services, and information.” – artisbrush.com

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“This photo shoot was a test shoot for young, beautiful model, Kristin. The setting would be outdoors in the fall and she would be styled casually. A natural makeup look was requested and so that is what I created. I took Kristin’s beautiful features and enhanced them. Flawless but natural coverage for her skin, just a touch of blush added to her cheeks. I adore her bushy brows so I brushed them through, added a little extra colour and kept them as is other than that. Her eye design was created with a simple taupe colour over the entire lid, and very well blended. Mascara and a subtle pink lip gloss. Super simple!” – Faye Smith

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