A Rainy Wedding at Furry Creek Golf Course

A Rainy Wedding at Furry Creek Golf Course

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No matter what the weather, love will find a way to make it a perfect day.


Although my chosen title image may not show it, beautiful bride Jasmine was very lucky with the weather on her wedding day in Furry Creek, BC.


There were spots of rain outside while myself and other members of Mink Hair & Makeup worked with Jasmine and her bridal party on the morning of her wedding. The weather forecast predicted a short sunny spell in the day, and so the decision was made to hold the wedding outside.


On my drive back to Vancouver, I was pleased to spot a big patch in the clouds where the sun shone through. It was heading right over Furry Creek, perfectly timed for the ceremony. I sent Jasmine a text to express my happiness for her.


The sun lasted for the duration of their ceremony and the rain came in shortly after, making a great background for post ceremony wedding pictures.


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair