Glamglow has done it again..

Glamglow has done it again..

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Another one of my guilty skincare pleasures..

A while back we blogged about the Glamglow mud masks and how amazing they actually are, and then up pops two new cleansers – and of course.. I have to try them.

The two cleansers are the Supercleanse, and the Thirstycleanse cleansers. Both cleansers are applied with dry hands onto a dry face, and once water is added they become a “foam” – (realistically they don’t turn into a foam, they become lighter and the consistency changes a teeny bit..) but holy cow – what a difference!


(As I was finding out about these guys – I saw that they do have the green Glamglow mask as well as the black glamglow mask coming out as cleansers – but they aren’t available at Sephora yet..)


Here’s the breakdown of what the blue and white cleansers do.

The white cleanser aka “Supercleanse” acts as a cleanser which dissolves any makeup, get’s rid of anything that would clog your pores, dissolves any excess oil as well as get’s rid of any impurities.
(and leaves your face feeling amazingly smooth.)

The blue cleanser aka “Thirstycleanse” does almost the same thing, but deeply hydrates your face while cleansing (and who doesn’t want that!)

I have only purchased the Supercleanse (white one) and have honestly been loving it! I definitely find it doesn’t “lather” like it claims, but it really does work. My skin feels so much smoother and cleaner, although after you begin to use it, your skin purges (aka – it will get better before it gets worse.)
Also – for my ladies and men who currently use the glamglow masks, don’t use the tingle exfoliating mud mask after the cleansers – it burns. I learned that the hard way.

Both cleansers retail for $43 at Sephora which in my opinion is a pretty reasonable price compared to some of the cleansers out there these days. If you’re on the look out for a new cleanser – head to Sephora and pick one of these guys up!!

To see our blog post about the mud masks – click here!

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