Gloo Studio – Mayan Calender – Comedy

Gloo Studio – Mayan Calender – Comedy

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Gloo Studios – Mayan Calender – Comedy


I had crossed paths with an amazing makeup artist named Christa Monroe on the set of Sweet Mystery Musical, a musical production I had worked on as the Key Makeup Artist on multiple occassions. I was immediately impressed with her level of professionalism, artistic skill, attention to hygiene and wildly outgoing personality. We began socialising outside of work though admitedly most of the time we are either talking about makeup or out shopping for makeup but hey, makeup is fun even outside of work!

We saw huge potential in one and other and naturally decided to begin making the most out of that. I began calling Christa for jobs I needed an assistant for or to fill on for on jobs I couldn’t attend personally and vice versa. We both understand one anothers work life and it works very well both as coworkers and as friends.

Christa had called me to ask if I would be her first assistant for the one day shooting of a short comedy named Mayan Calender produced by Gloo Studios. The makeup requirements for the production was something I had no experienced in work career outside of school as of yet; tattoos and piercings! Christa had the tattoo designs and piercings prepared for us in advance. The piercings were made out of foam and painted giving the appearance of wooden flesh tunnels. The tattoos were big, thick, black tribal tattoos. The designs were all matched to theme; tribal aztec theme. We also created a scarred tattoo effect on the forehead of our tribal princess.


It was an absolute pleasure to be Christa’s first assistant. The applications were a great success and our characters look fantastic! This was a great experience for me and I look forward to seeing the final footage of Mayan Calender. I hope it makes our audience laugh as much as it did the crew on set.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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