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GOREPLAY – click to watch the video now!

I was contacted by Brett Nielsen requesting my special fx artistry for the creation of a film script he had recently wrote for the Vancouver Zombie Film Festival 2010. Well, it isn’t often I am asked to use my special fx skills, so I was thrilled to have been asked to join the crew of this grosse and gorey one day film shoot set to take place on Cypruss Mountain.

Brett gave a me a nice budget to work with so I began preparing by taking a trip to a special fx store to pick up mouth blood, fresh blood, running blood, fresh scab, bruising materials and more! After reading the script and meeting with Brett in person to talk over makeup ideas, I knew I had a few tasks in hand. The creation of bitten off lips, bullet holes, gaping neck holes, intestines and more, was going to take some thought and pre-planning. We didn’t have the time or budget to begin thinking about using prosthetics!

Our shoot date was set and the crew had their calls times. The weather had been gorgeous for so long now! We didnt worry about the weather…until the shoot day arrived!

Rain, rain, rain. Misty rain! Terrible conditions to shoot a movie in, thats for sure. Luckily our female actress, Melanie Porodo, had a nicely sized gazeebo laying around her home that we were able to cart up the mountain with us. I was not prepared to get my kit soaking wet! It would be destroyed!

We set up our gazeebo over a soaking wet picnic bench and began mopping it dry with our towels that we had wisely bought along. I set up my kit and began the first stages of zombifying our two main characters. We certainly came across some obsticles during our shoot, forcing us to move locations a number of times, but we got it got, and we did it good! The misty rain actually worked out really well for us. What zombie movie takes place on baking hot, summers day anyway…?!

Freezing cold and shivvering at the time of rapping the shoot, we all felt relieved the day was over and the movie was complete. Now post production was all we needed.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it into the film festival. Maybe our movie was just too gorey for those zombies…they don’t know what they missed out on =p

written and directed by Brett Nielsen
starring Steve Watts and Melanie Porodo
directors of photography, Kevin Roberts and Aaron Rivando
special fx, makeup and hair artistry by Faye Smith

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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