Hair & Makeup for Serena’s Wedding

Hair & Makeup for Serena’s Wedding

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Bride-to-be, Serena, had found my information through speaking with the Fairy God Mother’s, a well known group of wonderful wedding planners.


I had met these lovely ladies at the 2012 Style and Strut show, and took an instant liking to them. When ever my big day comes, (wink wink), I am going to call these ladies to organize everything for me. Each Fairy God Mother has a warm and caring heart, with a fun and bubbly sense of humour. The perfect personality to assist a bride leading up to, and during her wedding day.


For Serena’s wedding day, she wanted to style her hair in a light and fluffy, curled, half up do. I set her hair in rollers first thing in the morning.  This would ensure that her curls would remain big and bouncy all day long! Setting the hair in curl formation also allows me to use less hair spray, thus avoiding the dreaded, “crispy look”.


For Serena’s makeup, I gave her beautiful, flawless skin, with a soft, natural rose to her cheeks. Her eyes were styled with a light, grey smoky eye shadow, with a strong, black, winged eye liner. A medium pink, glossy lip finished off this look. Oh yes, and lashes! Beautiful.


Thank you to makeup and hair stylist, Gloria Kim, for being my partner in crime on the morning of Serena’s wedding. We had 6 ladies to style hair and makeup for, so I could not have done this without Gloria’s help. Well…I could of…but we would of had to wake up at 3am to get started, and that’s a no no! =P


Congratulations Serena! It was a pleasure to spend this special time with you. You looked stunning on your wedding day =]


Faye Smith 
Makeup & Hair

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