Hair & Makeup Trials with Faye Smith Makeup & Hair

Hair & Makeup Trials with Faye Smith Makeup & Hair

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Your wedding day is one of the biggest moments of your life and every woman wants it to be perfect. Faye Smith Make Up & Hair insists on doing a makeup and hair trial before the big day. The trial is your chance to see exactly how your hair and makeup will look on your wedding day, as well as your time to make any adjustments and/or improvements to the look.

Some helpful preperation tips for the day of your hair trial are
1) Arrive with clean, day old and bone dry hair. This is the best condition of hair for a stylist to work with. Day old hair holds curls and pins amazingly.
2) Pictures of what you want are always good to bring with you. Being able to point at something visual is much easier than trying to explain it with words. Go on pinterest and take a peak at styles before your trial and get a good idea of what you want.
3) If you are wearing a veil and/or any other hair accessories, bring them! It is fun to see the final look as much as you can, although accessories are really easy to add in on-the-fly on the wedding day as well, so this is not essential.

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Photo’s taken by Kuna Lu from Amoris Wedding and Kuna Lu Photography Group

Makeup and Hair completed by Faye Smith Make up and Hair

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