Halloween Hair & Makeup by The Studio Beauty Team’s, Faye Smith

Halloween Hair & Makeup by The Studio Beauty Team’s, Faye Smith

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2012 has been the busiest Halloween season at The Studio, as of yet. Myself, Faye Smith, and fellow members of The Studio Beauty Team, worked hard at creating weird and wacky costumes for our clients.


Regular Studio client, Morgan Brown, had a last minute Halloween request to become a Zebra. Above you can see some action shots and end results of this Halloween makeup I created for her. Morgan wore a Zebra leotard that truly completed the costume.


Next you see a pretty original Halloween costume idea. The Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, complete with the photo frame. This was a really tough makeup to create, as we were working from a cartoon-like image as inspiration. It took some time to make the makeup look right, but we got there in the end! Fabulous costume girls. It was great to have you visit us, two Halloween in a row!


Last but by no means least, you see another of our regular clients, who was attending her Halloween party this year, as a crow. For this costume, I styled the hair, and Mika Does Makeup, took care of the rest. A lot of back combing, hair spray, and the cool addition of a big braid, that represented the branch that a crow sits on, completed this Halloween hair style.


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