Halloween Makeup "Do’s and Don’ts!"

Halloween Makeup "Do’s and Don’ts!"

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 With Halloween coming up soon, we thought we would share some “do’s and don’ts” of halloween makeup!

(Check out this amazing hand carved pumpkin we found online!)

1) As tempting as it is, avoid sharing halloween makeup. If you need to, make sure it is sanitized with 99% alcohol before and after every use, and using brushes, and q-tips will help reduce the spread of any nasty germs.

2) When using glitter around the eyes, avoid using craft store glitter (no Michaels craft supplies!) The craft store glitter is designed for crafts, it can become a big mess if you get it in your eyes. Stick to cosmetic glitter. (Makeup Forever makes a ton of them and they are fantastic!)

3) When using fake blood make sure you read the label. You don’t want to be sticking nasty fake blood around your eyes or in your mouth, it’s not a fun experience.

4) This ties into the above post, read any labels before applying anything to your face/body. Some products have toxins in them that aren’t suitable for face or even body makeup, and as much as you want your halloween costume to look realistic, you don’t want to end up looking like a monster from a bad reaction on November 1st!

5) Lastly – if you are unsure on how to accomplish a look, contact the professionals! Faye Smith Makeup & Hair has an amazing team and are still accepting bookings for Halloween 2014!

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