Harbour Dance at The Vogue

Harbour Dance at The Vogue

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Harbour Dance at The Vogue

I had been one of the makeup artists for Harbour Dance Centre for their live performance at the River Rock Casino in Richmond only a few months ago. The makeup for that performance was certainly different to that of The Vogue last week! The specification for stage makeup always calls for “more”…

I had found my first job with Harbour Dance through Blanche Macdonald’s careers and volunteer services listed on one of their facebook pages. I was appointed the key makeup artist for this performance and led a team of only two. For speed, we had the dancers do their own foundation and powder before hoppin’ in our chair. There were over 20 faces to paint, only two artists and only an hour to get everything done! We were painting fine lines all over the faces in bright pink. Very intricate and elaborate design work. I have been trying to hunt down pictues from this performance for some time now but have sadly had no luck.

FayeSmith_Harbour Dance
I was contacted by Pam, the main lady for Harbour Dance Centre, with a request for my makeup services for their upcoming live performance and The Vogue Theatre. I, of course, said yes!

This time I had 2 hours to get over 20 dancers ready but when working alone, this is tough! I once again asked for the dancers help in executing the makeup simply for speed. I was applying eye makeup, lip stick, blush and false lashes as fast as I could possibly go.

Without the dancers help, I simply couldn’t have gotten this job finished alone. The dancers looked amazing and the performance was breath taking!

I hope to continue working with Harbour Dance Centre in the future.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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