Have you booked your "Girls Day" yet?

Have you booked your "Girls Day" yet?

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Have you booked your “Girls Day” yet?

What is “Girls Day”? After exchanging multiple emails and finally metting photographer, Kim Bellavance in person, I now know where this unique idea came from.

Kim Bellavance is a young, female photographer from Montreal who expressed her love and passion for photography to me, over sips of iced coffee, on a beautiful, sunny summers day in Vancouver. Before evening meeting Kim in person, I knew I wanted to start working with her. I knew I wanted to promote her ideas and I knew I had to meet her in person before being able to know everything about her and her wonderful idea.

After having much success as a photographer in her home of Montreal, she made the daring decision to travel with her friend to Vancouver to continue exploring this wonderful world and hopefully carrying her recent success with her.

“Girls Day”, originally going by the name of “Top Model Day”, has been a developing concept for Kim for some time now. “Top Model Day” was a photo shoot day for individuals who wanted to get themselves glammed up by a professional hair and makeup artist and have a fun, high fashion photo shoot session with Kim Bellavance. Clients would walk away with gorgeous pictures to look back on and hold their head up high with confidence when showing friends and family.
Kim found that when shooting individuals, the confidence level of the client wasn’t as high as it could be. How could this be changed? This is where “Girls Day” came into the picture. “Girls Day” would be the same concept but with a group of girls. The idea being that you would come in for your photo shoot and make over session with a group of your friends, or even family! This is an ideal event for birthdays, work parties, stagettes, baby showers, christmas parties, halloween or just simply for a fun few hours in your day!

The success level for “Girls Day” was huge! Booking up multiple photo shoot sessions in one day, rebooking the same clients annually, traveling over seas to do location shoots and more! Well here is the good news, “Girls Day” is now coming to Vancouver! Kim Bellavance is already here and I am joining her in raising awareness about “Girls Day” and will be coming in to make you ladies look gorgeous!!! Want to build your self confidence? Want to feel sexy? Well you will certainly be in the right hands on this day!

Fantastic ideas are being exchanged between myself and Kim regarding themed “Girls Days” for special events such as halloween and christmas where costumes and appropriate music choices are a must! I want to see you girls dance! I want to see you girls laugh and I want to see you girls have fun while looking hotter than hot!

Visit Kim Bellavance’s website now to book you and your ladies in for your “Girls Day”. Remember to request, Faye Smith as your makeup and hair artist.



Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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