Headshots by Faye Smith Makeup & Brandon Hart Photography

Headshots by Faye Smith Makeup & Brandon Hart Photography

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What makes headshots by Brandon Hart Photography and Faye Smith Makeup & Hair unique?


Brandon comes from an acting background, studying at VFS and working as a professional actor starring in movies and TV Shows like Miracle, No Heroics, The Vetala and Untold Stories of the ER.

Learning from his own acting experience, Brandon has been able to channel his insight of the life of an actor into his photography, taking a training and practise approach to his headshot sessions.


I, Faye Smith, am the beauty behind Brandon’s imagery. I love assisting him in opening up an actor, making them reveal their passion and truth to the camera. My responsibility is to channel this truth physically, making that actor, more specifically with females, look and feel like the very best version of themselves.