I got to interview Oprah’s Makeup Artist,  Derrick Rutledge!!!

I got to interview Oprah’s Makeup Artist, Derrick Rutledge!!!

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Oprah’s Makeup Artist, Derrick Rutledge is about to launch his own product line, Ooh Lifestyle, and I got to interview him about it!

1. What products and techniques are best for taming frizz? 

Something important to note is that frizzy hair dries from the inside out, leaving the hair with a dull finish. My tip is to use the OOH Saloncare daily shampoo and conditioner combined, in order to add moisture and seal it into the hair.

I also suggest using the Bodyguard hair mask about twice a week. You should shampoo the hair, apply the mask afterwards and cover with a plastic cap and a hot towel over the cap for about 10 minutes. This will help seal the cuticle and protect the hair when heat is applied.

The next step would be to apply Swag vitamin oil to damp hair. Put a drop the size of a nickel into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm the oil, and then run through the hair. Concentrate the oil into the tips of your fingers and work it into the scalp to get the vitamin oil to penetrate both the hair and scalp.

The last step would be to apply Debut hair milk to damp hair in order to give moisture to the hair and prevent from frizzing by closing the hair cuticle.

2. Do you have any tips for styling curly hair?

After shampooing and conditioning the hair, towel dry lightly to take some of the moisture out. Use a paddle brush (the wider the better) and glide the brush through the hair starting from the roots and working all the way down. The paddle brush stops the hair from tangling.

Prior to drying your hair, apply Debut hair milk to provide moisture to your curls and separate your curls with your fingers.

Once your hair is dry, you can use Centre Stage hair gloss to add shine and a protective veil over the hair. If your hair is coarse you can use Limelight hair gloss.

3. Do you have any tips on covering acne without ending up with a cake looking foundation?

If you have acne, my first suggestion is that you should go to the dermatologist and work with them to get it cleared up. Covering it up with make-up is only going to perpetuate the problem.

For a quick fix, utilize a cream foundation on the spots followed by a liquid foundation to cover the entire face. Use a light translucent powder to seal the foundation. However, this solution is not going to alleviate or fix the acne problem, more often than not the make-up will irritate the acne.

4. What is your opinion on lip stains? 

I do like lip stains because they last a long time. However, most of them are quite dry and make the lips look chalky and cracked. If you are going to use lip stains, you need to make sure to have some kind of moisturizer to put on top, to keep the lips moist. Some stains infuse the colour into the lip so you don’t have to keep applying but you need to add gloss or moisturizer.

5. What are you top 5 cosmetics in your professional kit and why?

·       Foundation- I use foundation liquids and powders that I created to suit my customers’ needs. I like to use these because they are filled with minerals and active ingredients that help the skin. I need to use foundations that are nurturing to the skin and not damaging. The liquids provide good coverage and are not dry, or leave a feeling like you have a masque on your face. My powders have vitamins and minerals that the skin craves; they leave a luminescent feel without clogging the skin or giving the face a cakey look. I will be launching my own make-up line as part of OOH Lifestyle in Canada in 2014.

·       Shadows- I have a wide assortment of shadows because I need to be prepared for what the client is going to wear. If my client is going to be on stage or has an evening event, I will use iridescent shadows. But if I am just going to create a day look, I will commonly use matte shadows.

·       Mascara and eye liner- I always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, for that reason they need to be well defined. The two tools that bring definition to the eyes are mascara, which lengthens the lashes, and liners which make the eyes more piercing and seductive.

·       Blush- I use cream blush to create a youthful look. If I will be contouring, I like to use matte blush. Again, if I am creating an evening or an on-stage look, I will use iridescent colour to add sheen and colour to the face. I apply to the apples of the cheeks, temples and jawline.

6. If you were on a deserted island and only had one product with you, what would it be and why?

I would choose moisturizer because it’s a multi-faceted product. If I had the sun beaming down on me in the desert, I would need to moisturize my skin and I could also use it on my hair and lips.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair