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So I discovered Shadow Shields on Instagram and figured I would email them to see if they were interested in sending their product for a review on my blog. They said yes, which is cool and within days I had my very own full-sized pack of Shadow Shields in my mailbox. I have since found great use for them and know that any other makeup artist or woman who wears makeup will do to. They sure are time savers!


In the first image displayed in this blog, I am using Shadow Shields on a model during a long and tightly scheduled fashion photo shoot. I needed to change her makeup from a no-makeup-makeup into a dark and dramatic smoky eye in as little time as possible. The pressure was on! Having Shadow Shields there to protect the foundation and catch any eye shadow fallout, that would inevitably happen when using eye shadows this dark, enabled me to complete this drastic look change in five minutes…which is a crazy. “Life Saver Shadow Shields”.

In the second image, I am using Shadow Shields to aid me during a two look wedding hair and makeup trial. A bride’s concern with doing a hair and/or makeup look-change on the day of her wedding is often that she doesn’t want to be away from her guests for too long. Shadows Shields enabled me to transform Amanda’s (bride) makeup from natural to dramatic in less than fifteen minutes.

I am in love with Shadow Shields and I can’t wait to experiment further with them. I will look forward to using them to create crisp lines in editorial style work. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts on my Instagram.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair