Ian Red Photography – Actress, Olivia

Ian Red Photography – Actress, Olivia

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Ian Redd Photography – Actress, Olivia


I had contacted Ian Redd Photography months and months ago in early 2010. I had picked up his business card when working with another photographer, Aaron Chung, at a studio near main street in Vancouver. Although Ian responded to my email to politely let me know that he had a makeup and hair artist that he regularly works with and would not need me, I always made sure to send him a quick email every month or so, simply to keep in touch and keep me fresh in his mind. Well…my emails must have been some what memorable to him as he contacted me months later…

Ian’s regular makeup artist had become unavailable due to family reasons and he needed someone to replace her for a few of his bookings. When scanning through his emails to find an appropriate artist to call, he found our email feed and contacted me. I was thrilled to hear from him and we booked two photo shoots together. His work is fantastic so I was so excited about finally getting to work with him.

Arriving early allowed me to introduce myself to Ian and become familiar with him as well as setting up my equipment before the arrival of our client. Our client was Olivia, a young aspiring actress who had come in to get her head shots taken ready for her first commercial which was set to take place the next day.

Olivia is stunning! Perfect skin and features. Applying makeup on her was so easy. I hardly needed to do anything other than enhance her features. Our first look, the “girl next door” look. The perfect look for Olivia! Simply contouring the eyes for shadow, smudgy brown liner to pop the lashes, brown mascara, white water, slightly contoured cheeks and a peachy pink gloss. Nothing but natural!

We spoke about her concerns regarding “only” being casted for “the girl next door” look as that was her typical look. Blonde hair, blue eyes. She worried she wouldnt be cast for anything else and may actually lose work for not having more diversity. Well I can solve that problem for you! As seen in the second photograph displayed in this blog, I pumped Olivia’s look up with purple and black around the eyes and a maroon lip. Still looking like the girl next door…? I dont think so!

Ian Redd Photography www.vancouverheadshots.ca

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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