Ian Redd Photography – Jessica

Ian Redd Photography – Jessica

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Ian Redd Photography – Jessica

Photo shoot number 2 with Ian Redd Photography was yet another great success. Every client is unique. We meet actors and actresses with very different personalities which Ian is able to portray in simple yet expressive headshots.

Jessica expressed her concerns regarding her last photo shoot with a previous photographer. The pictures were beautiful, soft and pretty. Jessica is an edgy, tough girl looking to star in action movies. She even used to do body building! She felt like her original headshots didn’t look like her. Which, of course, is a problem. When it comes to creating actor headshots, they need to be connotative of the individuals personality as well as showing a visual likeness to them.

After hearing what Jessica had to tell us about herself, I was able to use makeup to enhance the image she aimed to be. I darkened the eyes and chiseled her facial structure to create a harder look. A slight plum tone to the lip pulled the look together with out stearing away from something natural.

Ian used clever angles to take care of Jessica’s concerns regarding the strong build of her arms which she was no longer fond of. You can see in these pictures the way makeup, costume and good photography can transform someone from pretty girl, to a sexy action chick, to a concervative professional, all in one shoot!

Read what Ian has to say on our work at his blog – http://www.vancouverheadshots.ca/blog/

Faye Smith
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