Indian Bride

Indian Bride

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Indian Bride

I was delighted to have been the artist chosen to transform bride, Harj, from her traditional Indian Bridal day-look into her modern, western evening-look.

As I waited for Harj and Tim in the lobby of Moda Hotel in downtown Vancouver, I was absolutely jaw dropped to turn and see her, hand-in-hand with her new husband, dressed in the most stunning, peach, jewel encrusted Sari, with her hair wrapped in one elaborate design and makeup as flawless as I have ever seen before. She looked stunning! I was almost sad to have to take it all out for her.


It took some time to unclip and unwind the numerous hair extensions that had been intertwined in Harj’s hair. When I was finally down to a fresh palette, it was time to westernise my bride.

For the makeup, we went for a classic look with flawless skin, subtle gold eye shadows and a strong, black, winged eye liner. False lashes are always a must! I added daring red lips as the finishing touch of drama.
For the hair, I created a faux finger waved fringe that swooped across the face, combined with an elegant and classic side bun.

Harj and Tim look perfect!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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