Introducing Faye Smith Makeup & Hair Team – Victoria F.

Introducing Faye Smith Makeup & Hair Team – Victoria F.

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Faye Smith Makeup  & Hair started off as one makeup artist working countless jobs, and since then her team has grown to herself and many other artists who are just as talented as Faye.

Victoria Ferguson is one of the amazing ladies who works with Faye. She received her Diploma of Makeup Artistry from world renowned school, Blanche Macdonald, and also has her certificate of advanced editorial fashion makeup taught by Janeen Witherspoon.


victoria1    victoria3

Besides beauty makeup, Victoria does a lot of special FX work. One of her many talents includes being able to make incredibly realistic severed body part props!


Victoria’s work definitely speaks for itself and we are thrilled to have her as a part of the Faye Smith Makeup & Hair team!


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