Jamie Almeda’s 18th Birthday

Jamie Almeda’s 18th Birthday

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Jamie Almeda’s 18th Birthday

I noticed a posting on the Blanche Macdonald Facebook page, from a makeup artist named Sladja, who I had actually worked under the key of, back when I was a student. It was for the Wearable Arts Awards 2009. Sladja was a fantastic lead artist and our team had such a great time with her, executing complex, high fashion designs, ready for the runway.

Sladja was in search of a high quality, experienced makeup artist for her to pass one of her jobs on to. Moving back home to Edmonton meant she was having to start turning away BC based work simply because she wouldn’t physically be here anymore. But why turn a job away, when you can refer your clients to an artist who will impress them?!

The client was Jamie Almeda, who was set to have a huge 18th birthday party that weekend. Jamie and her family were regular clients of Sladja, always splashing out on airbrushed makeup and false lashes. These ladies know how to doll themselves up!

I called Jamie right away and after speaking to her for a few moments, I knew this job would be fun! I love my clientel here in Canada. Everybody is so laid back and easy to please. It makes my work extremely enjoyable. One of the most satisfying things in my day is watching people see the big reveal in the mirror once their hair and makeup is done. Extatic facial expressions!

Jamie and her family were an absolute pleasure to work for and they all looked stunning. Jamie looks like such a princess with her pretty purple shadow and shimmer to match her lilac ball gown and crown to top off the look. She certainly stood out which exactly what you want on your birthday. It was all eyes on Jamie for this day!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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