Jen Williams Photography – Christina Wong

Jen Williams Photography – Christina Wong

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Jen Williams Photography – Christina Wong


I was browsing through model mayhem casting calls and noticed a posting from a photographer named Jen Williams. Jen was in the midst of moving from Victoria Island to Vancouver city and was bringing her business with her. She was to be setting up a number of boudoir photo shoot marathons and wanted a makeup and hair artist to refer her clients to. After all, great hair and makeup execution will benefit all people involved!

Christina Wong was one of Jen’s clients who had contacted me regarding hair and makeup services. I booked her in allowing us plenty of time to relax and have fun during the execution of hair and makeup, while still getting her to her shoot on time.

Christina was a fantastic client! Very laid back and easy to get along with.
I began by setting her hair in hot rollers to give her the sexy, volume and curls that she desired. Boudoir shoots call for sex appeal!
While I let her hair set and cool, I applied her makeup. Flawless skin, chiseled bone structure, bronzed cheeks and tons of highlighting! Completely angelic. A natural fill to the brows shaped the face perfectly. A nude gloss plumped up those lips making them oh so kissable! Now all I had to do was put the drama in the eyes. We gave them tons of shimmer and highlight focusing the dark colour along the lash line, giving that wingy liner effect in a more subtle manor. Big false lashes completed the look.
We took a little break while I curled Christina’s hair extensions, using a small barrel curling iron. Quick and easy achieving perfect curls! It was now time to take Christina’s hair out of the rollers and give her a gentle scalp massage to loosen the curls. I clipped in the extensions and straightened her bangs to finish off the look. Very Victoria Secrets!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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