Jolie Ko Graduation Hair & Makeup

Jolie Ko Graduation Hair & Makeup

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Jolie Ko Graduation Hair & Makeup


I had been given Jolie Ko’s contact information from a good acquaintence named Monica, who is previously mentioned in my blog. Jolie had contacted Monica through a website named makeup artist listings. Monica then forwarded the emails to me! Jolie was in search of a makeup and hair artist to come and pamper her on the morning of her graduation. We had begun contact in January 2010 and her graduation had finally come around last Saturday 5th July 2010.

I began my long journey to port coquitlum from Vancouver in the morning and arrived at Jolie’s home ready to begin setting her hair in hot rollers. She had showed me inspiration pictures prior to the application so I knew exactly what she was looking for. Once her rollers were in, I began the makeup application.

An unusual request of an all matte makeup design was in order. Most girls I speak with are all, “shimmer, shimmer, shimmer”, but not Jolie. I began with a primer to give an even base and a long lasting finish, moved on to a liquid foundation base followed by a matte translucent powder to set it. What followed next was a medium brown shadow to create a strong contour to pop the cheek bones, a subtle, pinky, bronze blush concentrated on the cheek bones and a matte white shadow to highlight the top of the cheekbones, creating the perfect matte base! I was now ready to begin the eye shadow appication. As always, I begin with a neutral, cream base for the rest of the shadow to blend into. A matte white shadow to pop the inside eyes and strenghten the brow bone. A medium grey shadow in a cat eye shape created the perfect beginning to a gorgeous eye design. I followed with a black eye shadow along the lash line, fairly strong, a subtle sub to an eye liner. I continued the shadow under the eye, only on the outer half to keep the cat eye shape. It was all about blending. A black eye shadow and an angled brush to define those beautiful brows. A strong mascara followed by Jolie’s own lip gloss that she would be using to top up all day long. Beautiful but not over done. The perfect look for a formal day event.

Once her makeup was complete, we were ready to take out the hot rollers. As I had suspected, the hot rollers didnt give as much of a curl as I would have liked. I left out Jolie’s bangs as requested and kept them forward as I began to pin back her hair around the sides. I switched on my curling iron and created more defined curls around the back which were then pinned up much like pin curls. We straightened out the bangs and gave it all a smooth over before a good ol’ coating of hair spray to be sure it would stay in all day long.


Unfortunately on this occassion, there was no professional photographer, however, Jolie was kind enough to take a few shots at home before she left for her special day. She looks absolutely stunning! Woudln’t you agree?

Faye Smith

Makeup & Hair Artist


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