Langara College 40th Birthday Celebration

Langara College 40th Birthday Celebration

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Langara College 40th Birthday Celebration

FayeSmith_Hair Artist
It was an absolute pleasure to have been called to perform my talents at the Langara 40th Birthday Celebration in October 2010. I was called by Tomo Tanaka who was the second photographer working on a creative photo shoot with myself and Amber Light Photo, mentioned in my previous blog posting.

Impressed by my work, Tomo insisted I come along to the celebration to perform makeup and hair applications on a number of models, who would then go on to be photographed by a range of photographers, also performing to the public. We were putting on a show. Giving the public the experience that we have as photographers, models and artists.


I absolutely loved being in the lime light. Multi-tasking, talking to the public, answer their questions as I continued to apply makeup to my models. Handing out my business cards and showing everybody who I am and what I can do. Being interviewed by small television companies. Being photographed by photographers. I loved it!

The photographs that came out of this fun day are fantastic! There were even printing companies there, printing out the photographs as we were taking them. Printing them on huge, glossy papers for everybody to see! Everybody to see my work! Our work! I am so excited to have been involved in this celebration and hope to hear from all of the wonderful people that I had spoken to that day.

Brittany Wouts Photography

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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