Lindsay & Dustin’s Wedding

Lindsay & Dustin’s Wedding

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Lindsay & Dustin’s Wedding

The way I met Lindsay is living proof that working hard and doing a good job leads to great referrals and more work. It is all about impressing people and making them remember you and want to call you again.

I got in contact with Lindsay after the mother of a past client had requested to purchase my bridal makeup services as her wedding gift. What a great idea! I should start advertising this! What bride could turn down the gift of feeling beautiful and confident on her special day.

The past client I speak of is Safia Mohamed, who’s makeup I had done for her graduation which can be read about in a past blog posting. Safia’s mother, Nimet, was present during Safia’s makeup application and she absolutely loved the work I had done. I had actually been referred to Safia by another past client, Rammy Jassal. A fantastic chain reaction of happy clients! What more can I ask for.

I called Lindsay and let her know the good news. We set up a consultation date for her. Lindsay bought along one of her bridesmaids, Stephanie to her consultation. It is always nice to have a friends point of view as well as a professionals.

We decided to go for a fairly natural look with a glamorous flare that would be suited to the late afternoon ceremony through to the evening reception. So what is the perfect look for this? A medium grey and silver cat eye. The colour choices were neutral, yet something strong enough to show up in pictures. A cat eye shaped shadow along with a few little secrets, open up her eyes making them glisten and glow. Something for her husband to gaze into as they stand and say, “I do”. With flawless, luminous, clear skin and natural blush tinted lips, Lindsay certainly looked like the perfect bride!

Lindsay’s best friend and bridesmaid who had come along to the consultation, Stephanie, had also chosen to indulge in makeup services. For Stephanie, I decided to do something a little more daring. With her beautiful purple dress, tanned skin and bold, brown eyes, I felt purple shadow was the way to go for her! It was fun and bubbly which reflected her personality perfectly. Adding a tint of pink into her gloss, she was the perfect bridesmaid to accompany the perfect bride.

Photography by Matt Kennedy

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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