London Drugs Beauty Campaign

London Drugs Beauty Campaign

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I have worked with London Drugs for almost a year now, styling hair and makeup for all of their advertising and corporate material. I was so excited to receive a call, enquiring about a very exciting project they had coming up, that they needed a makeup and hair artist, as well as a fashion/beauty photographer for. If you follow my work, you will know that I work closely with photographer, Brandon Hart, in creating head shots, fashion and beauty images. I knew he was the perfect photographer to join me on this project.


The challenge was to design and execute 84 makeup looks, on 7 models, within 2 full working days, which would be used as an online, interactive, cosmetic selection system. The idea is for customers to visit the London Drugs website, and be able to click on their skin tone, eye colour and hair colour, to find a day, work and evening makeup look, that will best work for them. This…was going to be a challenge, to say the very least. I needed an assistant to help me with this, and I had the perfect person in mind. Danielle Anderson is an artist I have worked with and followed throughout her schooling, and see huge potential in. It was a great coincidence that she had just graduated from school a week before this photo shoot was to take place. I knew she was ready for this!


Myself and Danielle worked our butts off throughout the course of this project. I don’t believe we stopped moving for the entire 9 hours we were there each day. It was fabulous working with Brandon, London Drugs and all of the wonderful models that put up with us putting on and taking off, putting on, and taking off, and putting on…and taking off their makeup =] Go and find your makeup looks on the London Drugs website today!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair