L’oreal "Magic Skin Beautifier B.B Cream – Anti Fatigue"

L’oreal "Magic Skin Beautifier B.B Cream – Anti Fatigue"

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BB Creams, also known as “Beauty Balm” is a all in one product (mainly sold in east and southeast Asia) that includes moisturizer, primer, foundations, and sunscreen. BB Cream can be worn by itself as a tinted moisturizer or as a regular foundation (all of course, depending on your skin.)

Loreal BB

I was so excited to receive the L’oreal “Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream Anti Fatigue.”  It claims to “transform to universal shade to awaken complexion.” It did not. I was so disappointed!

First things first – I don’t understand how this can be considered a BB Cream, this product covers absolutely nothing, and there is no possible way it will replace any of the foundation I currently use.

The product is a super runny consistency which makes it easy for way too much product to come out.
I do have to say, it did apply nicely using only my fingers, and absorbed into my skin, but the colour was orange and instantly reminded me of Anne Hathaway in “Bride Wars.”

anne-hathaway-orange-07(Ok, maybe not that extreme, but pretty darn close and that is never a good look for us Gingers, let alone any woman.)

After reading many different reviews on-line, I noticed mostly every one said that the product is way too orange for fair skin tones. It could possibly work on darker tones, but I would highly suggest trying the product before purchasing it.

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