L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Polish "Privee" Collection

L’oreal Paris Colour Riche Polish "Privee" Collection

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Juliannes Nude

L’oreal has recently come out with a new collection of lipsticks and nail polishes called “Privee.” The collection features shades by L’oreal ambassadors and are described as the “perfect nude.”


I was given two of the polishes to try from the collection and have nothing bad to say. The polish applies smoothly in thin (but build-able) coats and is extra easy to apply using the precision paddle brush. I applied “Liya’s Nude” polish, and needed two coats. The polishes do have a built in top coat but I still used Essie’s “Good to Go” to finish and it looked fantastic.

I have seriously thin nails (thanks to years and years of gel and acrylic nails) and tend to have a difficult time without polish chipping right away. The L’oreal polish lasted a good five days before any major chipping (and I am hard on my nails.)

I also applied “Julianne’s Nude” but I wasn’t as big of a fan as I was with “Liya’s Nude” (I was surprised because I am a redhead and thought this colour would be perfect.) The polish is an “orange-brown” colour that would be perfect on older ladies and especiallu Indian women, but for a redhead like myself, it just didn’t do anything for me. The polish itself is great, the thin build-able coats make application easy and it dries pretty quickly.

After applying the polishes, I noticed “Liya’s Nude” is very similar to two other polishes I have, one by Essie and one by OPI.


Essie – “Merino Cool”              OPI “You Don’t Know Jacque”

One of the best things about the L’oreal polishes is that they are affordable! You can buy them at the drugstore, and won’t make a big dent in your wallet.

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