Lucky Bride Lauren Gets Beautified by Mink Makeup & Hair Senior Stylist, Faye Smith

Lucky Bride Lauren Gets Beautified by Mink Makeup & Hair Senior Stylist, Faye Smith

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Lauren was one of the first brides I got to work with in 2012. In fact, I think we may have had our trial in 2011 now I come to think about it. After all this time, I am so glad to have her wedding pictures to show off =]


Lauren found me through one of my sister companies, Mink Makeup & Hair, who showcase my work amongst other very talented local artists. Brides are able to personally select the stylist they think is the best fit for them.


Lauren’s look was inspired by Kim Kardashian, as are many bridal looks these days 😉 Lauren has mounds of hair, so there was no need for us to use extensions (lucky girl). I gave her big, bouncy curls that would flow nicely in the wind for the outdoor photo shoot her and her bridal party were to have prior to the ceremony. I added a French braid along her hair line to make sure she wouldn’t be flicking hair out her face all day, plus, it adds a fancy twist to a simple style.


Lauren has gorgeous eyes that naturally flick out and up into a cat eye shape. Her features are so beautiful. I wanted to achieve a look that was glamorous and sexy, but keeping a natural note at the same time. I used bronze, gold and champagne eye shadows to create a smoky look on her eye lids. I added a defined, winged, black liquid eye liner and some big false lashes. Flawless skin and nude glossy lips finished off this look.


I love that Lauren’s bridesmaids chose makeup and hair looks that were almost as glamorous as hers. No bridesmaid had the same look but they all tied in together in some way.


Congratulations Lauren! You look so stunning in these images and I am so happy to have been the person making you look and feel fabulous on your wedding day.


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair