Lush Cosmetics Launch Party (Vancouver)

Lush Cosmetics Launch Party (Vancouver)

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Lush Cosmetics Launch Party (Vancouver)


When I received an invitation to the Lush Cosmetics Launch Party for Vancouver’s Robson location, I was thrilled! Being as I know so many local artists who would love to share this opportunity to get a sneak peak at the new cosmetics, I asked if I could bring along guests.


As the venue was so small and so many guests had already been invited to the event, I was only authorised a plus 1! A tough choice to decided on who to bring along with me. I chose to ask Joanna Keller, a makeup artist, hair stylist, stylist and lash extension specialist who I regularly work with and have become very close to during 2012. Joanna’s company at this event was great!

Check out the youtube footage featuring Joanna Keller and Zara Durrani from Life & Style with Zara.


I was the first to be picked to take part in the colour wheel. I was instructed to close my eyes, empty my mind for 30 seconds, then open my eyes and pick 3 colours from the colour wheel, as  quickly and thoughtlessly as I could. I was then told what my colours were and what they meant. Each colour had a name. My colours were; believe, calm and charm. Believe represented what I have. Calm represented what I need in order to achieve Charm. This is a very interesting concept and I certainly got some fun and colourful makeup from what I chose. The makeup all looks the same but there are liquid lipsticks, liquid liners and liquid eye shadows amongst the same collection. There was also a mascara in the same packaging as well as a translucent powder, a skin highlighter and a skin tint. I have been having fun playing with these products at home!

Thanks for the invite Lush! The event was a blast!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

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