Maja’s Wedding

Maja’s Wedding

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Maja’s Wedding

Maja’s Wedding – by Faye Smith Makeup & Hair Artistry and Mika Does Makeup.

I had seen “Mika Does Makeup” posted around the internet before; facebook, google, twitter. There are so many artists in Vancouver, so many I know personally, acquainted with or simply admire from afar. I didnt think to contact her until I bumped into her on a bridal booking organised by Allison Giroday, another artist I work with.
We didn’t really get chance to talk that day as we had 4 artists in a tiny room, trying to get hair and makeup done for a large number of ladies in a short time-frame, and THEN being moved to another location… A simple “Hey, I have seen you around…” was as far as our conversation got.

Soon after that day, I was contacted by Mika in regards to a few bridal bookings that she needed help with. I had a 6am booking for 8 ladies that day…I didn’t think I could help her. I am a transit user…getting from A to be B never runs smoothly…
“Well…why don’t I help you with your booking, then I can drive us to the one in Chinatown, then to the one in Port Coquitlam…and then I can drop you off at home before my last one back in Vancouver”!
I was extremely hesitant. I had never actually done more than one wedding in one day. Without a car…a could barely manage two!

Mika insisted we could do it so…I said okay!

The pictures seen in this blog are the shots from our 3rd wedding of the day, located in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. We had 4 bridesmaids and one bride to apply makeup on. I took the 3 bridesmaids and Mika took the bride and the other bridesmaid. The girl’s look absolutely stunning! I cannot believe we got this day done.

Bring on bridal season 2011…Faye and Mika are here to look after you ladies =]

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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