Makeup for Luciterra’s White Raven Revue Performance

Makeup for Luciterra’s White Raven Revue Performance

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It was fabulous to hear from Luciterra belly dancer, Venessa Loubert, requesting my creative mind for a performance she had coming up. She needed me to create a makeup design that would stand out well on stage, make her look beautiful and feel confident, but also be a little more creative than you average makeup design. She would be dancing to a dark, dubstep song. This would be far from your average belly dancing show.


I chose to do a full foundation with a beautiful bronze cheek for Venessa’s skin. For her eyes, I applied brown and bronze eye shadows to create a medium intensity smoky eye and paired it with a strong and thick black winged eye liner on both the top and bottom of the eye line. To bedazzle the look, I adhered rhinestones to the inner part of the eye design so they would sparkle on stage. This was a fun makeup to create.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair