Makeup for Wealthy Thought Leader, Casey Truffo

Makeup for Wealthy Thought Leader, Casey Truffo

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Makeup for Wealthy Thought Leader, Casey Truffo


Successful business woman, Casey Truffo, was due to fly into Vancouver from California, to speak at a 3 day event: The Wealthy Thought Leader. Standing up to speak in front of a big crowd is no biggie for Casey. She does this all the time! It’s the paparazzi that calls for concern. Makeup and hair artist please!


For 3 days, I arrived at Casey’s downtown hotel room at 6.45am, in order to have her looking her best before 8.30am, when she would head out to speak for the day. Casey was organized with very well coordinated outfits. This made things fun for me! I was able to change the makeup each day to match the style of  the outfit. An artist does love to be creative.


So who is Casey Truffo? Casey Truffo is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. She leads her own company: Be a Wealthy Therapist. With Casey Truffo, teaching business owners how to attract clients. Virtual and live conferences are available for you to learn from. Casey says she isn’t in it for the money, she just wants to help people. If you read her “about me”, you will see how genuine she is and I am sure you will find yourself relating to her story.


“I started to get angry that they didn’t teach us how to run a successful practice in our professional training programs. I started reading everything I possibly could on marketing and business. I hired coaches, mentors and interviewed successful therapists. I tested and tested lots of ideas”, says Casey. Casey went on to develop eight key strategies that helped her business take off!


The ever successful Casey was an absolute joy to spend 3 days with! We had a blast! Read up on her and you will be amazed by how real she is.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

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