Marilyn Doll

Marilyn Doll

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Marilyn Doll

FayeSmith_Marilyn Monroe

I met Pat Dollard back in 2009 when I was contacted by her asking if I would come and do her makeup for a video shoot she had scheduled with Mill Creek Pictures. She had actually got my information from Shigeo Tamagi, the founder of Mill Creek Pictures.

I had sent Shigeo an email letting him know about me and he had seen talent in me and has ever since helped in the search for work in my field. My shoot back then with Pat went fantastic and I was so glad to hear from her again. This time she would be taking part in a photo shoot with Robert Gilbert Photography.

It is always a pleasure to see Pat, who goes by the name of Marilyn Doll on casting workbook. The shoot went even better than last time and she plays the part of Marilyn Monroe so well. We always have her songs playing in the background to get us dancing and in the mood

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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