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Mark Holden Fashion

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After meeting Mark Holden through family friends and getting chatting about fashion, I was intrigued to hear from stylist, Michael Black, asking if I would be interested in working with him and Mark on Mark’s first every catalogue/look-book and editorial photo shoot. This was a very strange loop and a massive coincidence. Brandon Hart introduced me to Michael, I met and worked with Michael, me and Brandon met Mark…and Mark turns out to be Michael’s cousin…how interesting!

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Just like any other fashion photo shoot, the schedule was completely over ambitious, aiming for an uncountable amount of final still images as well as fitting in time for videography material to be produced. I knew this day would end up exceeding the scheduled eight hour mark, and likely the twelve hour point to. After working in this industry for more than six years now, I kind of know what to expect.

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We had a fantastic cast of three male and four female models of a variety of shape, size, skin-tone and background. We really wanted the images to reflect Mark’s message through design. You will notice all of his designs include the Peace symbol or a written message of Peace. I love how Mark has been able to take the classic Peace logo, symbol and message, (which can often look somewhat cheesy and cheap on clothing) and create a high-end, couture, meaningful and powerful fashion accessory collection. Using raw silk from India and Italy and getting his labels hand made and sewn locally in Richmond, BC, gives his garments a huge ethical and quality appeal.

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A percentage of the income at Mark Holden Fashion gets donated to Just Imagine Foundation which provides community and economic support to registered charities as a conduit for positive change on the planet. This further demonstrates the message of Peace within this line.

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With a cast of this size, I knew I needed to get an assistant to help me make these models look their best in a decent time frame. Who better to call than my partner in crime, Joanna Keller. Joanna came in to the studio with me in the morning to style hair for our female models while I styled the makeup. Once the girls were done an dusted, the lads would be a breeze. Thank you Joanna for all of your help! As always, you did an amazing job, I had tons of fun with you, and I literally could not of done this without you =]

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Well done to Brandon Hart for continuing to produce outstanding photography. Your work amazes me. I love how much life and movement there is in each of these images. Each shot looks different and sends a different message. I am so proud to be your business and life partner and I can’t wait to continue excelling with you in the future =]

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I am so sad to have lost Michael Black Styling to Toronto. I only got to work with him twice! Having said that, there is always the possibility of myself and Brandon relocating to the bigger city to 😛 Thank you for flying back to Vancouver and joining us at this photo shoot. I see the family resemblance between you and Mark 😉 and I think its so cool that this strange coincidence connected us all, forming a fantastic team for this project.


Thank you to Natalia Wein Photography for snapping up these fantastic backstage images. Also, thank you to Alterna Films for producing the behind the scenes and creative videography which you can be viewed at this link, The footage is pretty dam impressive so make sure to check it out!


A huge thank you to our fantastic models; Tyler Robinson, Amos Mitchell, Samuel Merrell, Mickella Domo, Ashley Holden, Laurel Kidd and Natalia Anja. This was such a long and tiring shoot day and you were all such troopers. The energy stayed high consistently and that is exactly what we needed =] It was fantastic working with all of you.


Finally, a huge thank you to Mark Holden for all of his passion and care in organizing this shoot. It was a fun day and I love the images =] I cant wait to work with you again.

Faye Smith

Makeup & Hair