Matching lip colors to your Skin tone..

Matching lip colors to your Skin tone..

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“Can you help me find a lip color” is one of the most commonly asked questions out in the beauty world.

Let’s be honest -I’m sure we all have a drawer (or eight) full of lipstick’s we’ve only worn once. By the end of this blog, you will be able to narrow it down and find those couple lipsticks that work absolutely perfectly.

A couple things to remember while picking out lipstick colors..
1) The size of your lips
2) The tone of your skin

In regards to the size of your lips.. wearing a dark, sultry color on small, thin lips can make them look even thinner. And for all you ladies out there with big luscious lips, be cautious of wearing bright bold colors, it can make your lips appear too big (yes, that is such a thing.)


Now onto your skin tone..If you are a fair skinned lady like me (a moon-tan I call it..) we don’t want anything that will make us look dead. Pink tones, some nude tones as well as reds will help accentuate our skin tone.

Ladies with a medium to olive skin tone, you also can fall into the same category as us moon-tanners. Pinks look absolutely stunning, and even a more neutral pink with a brown undertone will look absolutely gorgeous on a medium skin tone.

Hopefully this helps ladies! But remember – if you have thin lips and are rocking a dark berry lip, or if you have full luscious lips and are able to pull of a bright orange – all the power to ya!

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Blog By: Shayla Rose

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