A Wedding on Mayne Island, BC

A Wedding on Mayne Island, BC

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Makeup artists can be found through many sources, not just on-line. Read about how this bride discovered us…


Bride-to-be (of the time) Amanda, had spotted me on an episode of  Desperate Housewives of Vancouver, found my name in the credits and looked me up on-line. I realized we were a perfect match when we decided to meet for coffee (my suggestion) and when we met she mentioned she didn’t know why we weren’t going for ‘Sunday Funday Caesars.’ My kinda gal ;-P

Her beautiful wedding was held at the Mayne Island Resort, about an hour ferry from Vancouver. Faye Smith Make Up & Hair artists, Faye and Joanna, as well as Jean Cueta Photography, travelled to the island the day before the wedding. On the evening before the wedding, Joanna applied permanent eyelash extensions to the bridal party. Later that evening, bride Amanda brought beer and wine over to our room to enjoy (woohoo!) The morning of the wedding, we styled make up and hair to another wedding guest before arriving at the bridal parties room.

This wedding was definitely one to remember.

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