Me and My Zuca

Me and My Zuca

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As a makeup and hair artist, finding ways to carry my forever growing collection of products and tools, has been forever changing. It all began with the traditional makeup case that I was given back in the Blanche Macdonald school days, but that began to make one arm longer than the other pretty fast…


I took a trip to Canadian Tire to find the cheapest suitcase I could find…in pink…of course. I sorted my makeup into shoe boxes…I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea at the time, and I look back now and cannot believe I thought it was acceptable to pull out shoe boxes full of cosmetics at photo shoots. How embarrassing, but kind of funny at the same time.


I then upgraded from shoe boxes, to these really cute boxes of a similar size to a shoe box, that I found at the dollar store. These things were way more presentable, but had a life span of only a couple of months. I guess I can’t ask for amazing quality when it costs only a buck or two.


After years of blowing my money on cheap suitcases and cheap trinket boxes that would regularly break, I decided to step it up 50 notches, as I began to notice all of these artists who carried their gear in cool cases called a Zuca. I took a look at their website, did some research, and soon had my heart of buying one. I could get a cool cover and flashing wheels! That is so up my alley.


I have now had my Zuca since February 2012, and honestly, its changed my life. I purchased the model that is made specifically for makeup and hair artists. It is strong, and durable, and sturdy enough for me to sit on while I wait for the bus! It has pouches for the insides, that take the place of my trinket boxes. I am now able to separate my products into categories, which makes my work as an artists, extremely efficient, and organized. Although it is not big enough to fit my hair and makeup kit inside, I am able to secure a hair bag on top of the Zuca easily. I LOVE MY ZUCA!


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair